How to use Online Image Editor

OIE is loaded via a webpage. If it is the first time the user visits the page he will be prompted to download the small .cab file (~ 700 KB and only has to be done once).
The user can open an image from the local PC and start editing directly. Unlike other available tools all processing takes place on the user's PC before uploading it to the server. OIE speeds up the editing process and limits the use of bandwidth.
When editing is finished the file can be saved locally before uploading it to the server. The user can select the file type, set parameters and the file is saved. Only then the edited file is sent to the server.

You can modify OIE as you wish (for example you can disable some effects, load files directly from the server, etc).

There are many ways to use our Online Image Editor, it's a truly versatile product. All 'customization' is done via javascript or HTML form tags.
Via this page we will continue to show you different ways of usage as well as 'general' screenshots.

'Normal' use
Normal OIE screen

the "default" appearance of OIE. Editing takes place inside the main image area, whereas the selected layers can be easily customized via the side panels.

'Advanced' use
Advanced OIE screen

the snapshot pane allows to keep track of how your modifications alter the original image. The grid ensures exact placement of elements on the image. Instead of typing/selecting the color values, use the color picker, which works even outside OIE window.
'Limited' use
Limited OIE screen

the toolbar buttons can be hidden to leave only the necessary options. The background color of OIE window can be changed to match the style of your website.
Saving options
Saving options

use the brush for freehand artistic sketches. Full transparency is available on inserted images. Upon saving of images you get the possibility to specify advanced options, such as quality, compression, etc.


"I can't believe how user friendly this will be for my users!"

Steve Nyhof - USA


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